Forever MicroRanch Sanctuary

Forever MicroRanch Sanctuary supports #GivingTuesday through our campaign:
"Donate-A-Gate: Openning Doors to Compassionate Change".

Funds raised contribute to the Heart Zone Project planned for Spring 2016, and contributing to providing quality comfort, care & compassion to Farmed Animals.

Who We Are...
Forever MicroRanch Sanctuary is a Non-Profit Vegan & Farmed Animal Sanctuary in Southwest Saskatchewan, whose commitment is to provide quality comfort, care and compassion to Farmed Animals.

Our mission...
"Reclaiming Quality of Life: Intentionally Empowering and Advocating for the Lives of Farmed Animals"
(Alex & Jenn, Dec. 2015).

Find more information on how you can be a part of Reclaiming Quality of Life for Farmed Animals on our GoFundMe Page: FMR's Donate-A-Gate.

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