Global 180

Many people hear the word “youth” and have very different responses. Some remember their awkward teenage years. Others reminisce of their high school glory days. Some have low expectations. Others see prospects. At Global 180, we see budding seeds of tremendous talent; the beginnings of bright futures; wondrous minds of world changers and pretty impressive potential.

In order to inspire them to paint their own pictures and envisage their lives as successful adults, we have created the 180:Merge drop in youth centre and the 180:Fuse drop in activity programme. By providing necessary safe spaces for youth to gather, we have been able to assist them in building positive relationships and meaningful connections, even with others who are different from themselves, therefore breaking barriers between themselves and their peers. With youth attending our programmes from households of multiple economic brackets, there is a deep feeling of community and belonging that is often missing in their lives. During these years of questioning and learning more about themselves, they can join with positive role models and deepen their engagement by becoming volunteers  or by joining our newest programme 180:Lift.

180:Lift is a group mentorship programme held during lunch time at two (2) middle schools in Mississauga. 180:Lift gives the opportunity for Global:180 staff to invest more time into the lives of middle school youth, right on their home turf, in their own schools. Together, we go on a journey of self discovery. Imagine at the end of 18 weeks, our youth are better equipped to evaluate relationships and choose healthy ones, skillfully demonstrating the art of forgiveness. They understand their role and, are better able to define where they want to go in their own lives. They are more confident, understanding that healthy competition means being better today than we were yesterday. If you think that’s amazing, we wish you could see when they put all that they’ve learned into action. Together they design a service project to edify themselves and their communities and share their newly empowered selves with others.

They inspire us. We see a new boldness in them after the programme. There are visible changes in their demeanour and notable advances in their personal development. When was the last time you saw an enthusiastic teenager? We see them all the time! Taking action, thinking outside of themselves, building for the future and choosing the legacy they want to create.

We invite you to join us. You give, we give. We continue to provide space, place and programming to give youth the tools to advocate for themselves. Now, you also have the opportunity to advocate for them.

Merge with a powerful movement of youth.
Fuse together their passions and potential to maximise their possibilities.
Lift their spirits, elevate their minds and uphold their futures.

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