Hamilton Children's Choir


For over 40 years, Hamilton Children's Choir (HCC) offers choral music education that fosters creative expression, personal development and social growth by providing youth with exceptional choral music instruction, performance and touring opportunities. With six progressive choral programs for children & youth age between 4 to 18, the HCC's work is grounded upon:

 Accessibility for All – “If you can speak, you can sing.” Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joys and benefits of singing in a choir.

Excellence in Choral Music – We strive to be amongst the best in the world, demonstrating that musical excellence and creativity has no boundaries or age

The Power of Teamwork - We believe we’re stronger when working together: Choristers as a choir, and our organization as part of a thriving arts community.

Compassion & Appreciation for Diversity – Music can help us understand our differences, connect people from all backgrounds, and uncover what it means to be human.

Personal Growth – Challenge and learning brings out the best of the joys and benefits of choral singing.

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