Healthy Start for Mom & Me

Since 1997, Healthy Start for Mom & Me has been working with expectant mothers and families with babies under a year old, especially those on low income.
Each year more than 1,300 women choose to come to one of 8 community drop-in groups to learn more about how to give their babies the best possible start in life. They come to Healthy Start to get practical information about: healthy eating habits and nutrition at a lower cost; pregnancy and labour; baby’s development, health, safety and parenting.
Meal Bags – are ready-to-cook ingredients and a recipe in a bag to feed 4 to 6 people. At each group women eat and see how to prepare a healthy, low-cost meal. Participants can buy a Meal Bag for $1.50 to make at home – just one of many practical ways Healthy Start assists families. About $10,000 per year is required to finance this part of the program.
Language Interpreting – 51% of women who come to Healthy Start are newcomers to Canada. We can only communicate with these women with help from interpreters. Last year interpreting was needed for 19 different languages. About $25,000 is required annually to finance this valuable access to information.

Your donation keeps both the interpreting and meal services available to families.

How to donate:
  • Online: via website, click icon
  • By cheque to: Healthy Start for Mom & Me, 310-421 Mulvey Ave East, Winnipeg, MB R3L 0R6

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