Homes of Joy

This Giving Tuesday we are focusing on raising funds to support our two 2020-2021 Special Projects!!

Giving Tuesday is extra special this year because it is also World AIDS Day, and as such we feel that it is the perfect day to launch our holiday fundraising campaigns for Homes of Joy this December. Our girls are HIV/AIDS orphans and have experienced the devastating impacts of the AIDS pandemic directly. The theme for World AIDS Day 2020 is Resilience and Impact, and so we humbly ask you to consider donating today to help honour the resilience of our girls, and make an important impact on opening doors for their futures, despite the ongoing uncertainties caused by both the HIV/AIDS pandemic and Covid-19 pandemic in their lives.

1) Disaster Relief & Covid-19 Fund
We realize that the current circumstances around the Covid-19 pandemic create special challenges (often without a great deal of warning or lead time). As in all crises, it is the most vulnerable people that are the most at risk, and that includes the orphaned girl children in both of our projects in Zambia (The Nyumba Yanga Orphanage and Future In My Hands: St. Joseph's College). During the school closure this summer, we were advised that additional funds were needed to maintain the health and safety of our girls and their relatives in the local compounds. We responded quickly and were able to send over $1200.00 USD to assist them in purchasing necessary supplies that would allow them to maintain operations in a safe manner and to assist the girls’ families as needed. The funds helped to purchase basic foodstuffs for the families, as well as posters and signage for Covid-19 education, purified water and hand-washing stations, material for masks, and thermometers. All of this was only possible because of those who have donated to this Special Project in 2020, and is exactly why we have decided to continue raising funds for this project for 2021 as well.  

2) Post-Secondary Scholarship & Bursary Fund: We are excited to continue supporting girls at the Post-Secondary level! We continue to have girls graduating from high school who have come up through the private school system facilitated by our support. We want to continue this bursary fund in order to support girls who are ready to further their education at the collegiate, university or vocational level; opening further possibilities for their futures. As a result our goal for our second Special Project heading into 2021 will be raising another $3000.00 for our Post-Secondary Scholarship and Bursary fund.

Our focus for our GivingTuesday campaign is our attempt to proactively plan for what could lie ahead in 2021, and allows us to be prepared to provide any additional emergency assistance needed outside of the usual basic and educational needs we support, as well as continuing to prepare support for exceptional girls to continue their education at a post-secondary level!

We know this is a difficult time financially for many, and would be truly grateful for any amount you can contribute!

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