Hope for Orphans - Congo

Hope for Orphans - Congo is a registered Canadian Charity.

Through donations received we are supporting an orphanage build in 2010 in the village of Kikamata, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. There are 40 orphaned children cared for at the orphanage and all are able to go to school.

The charity has no administration fees. 100% of the money donated goes to the support the orphanage.

  1. You can sponsor a child at the orphanage for just $30 per month.
  2. Also, a second dormitory is currently being built there to make space for more children, a one-time donation can be directed to help with this project.
The charity is helping other orphans in 3 cities of D.R. Congo go to school too. Education provides orphaned children a way to break free from the poverty that holds them.

- A donation of just $50 can pay the school fees of a child for an entire year! Make a child's dream of an education come true today!

Once money has been received by the charity, it can be in the hands of our agent in D.R.Congo to provide the things we are directing him to do for the orphans in as little as 2 weeks. Help us help more orphaned children this year!

Thank you for your donation. We are Working Together - Making a Difference!

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