Inasmuch Community Society

We're often asked when people find out about inasmuch: "what is it that you actually do?" We could just reply with "transition housing for refugee claimants." But it's so much more than that. Here's just a few of the things we help our family members with.

Living basics: We provide for all of the needs of our family members: safe home, comfortable furnishings, good food, quality clothing, medical care, and transportation.

Guidance & support: We walk alongside our family members through the various stages of their application to remain in Canada; we work with them through the process and ensure they get to their meetings with lawyers, immigration hearings and more.

Mentoring & integration: We educate our family members on Canadian society, culture and values. We introduce them to our friends and community, help them find good jobs, and support their transition from our home to a place of their own. Ultimately, we help them become true Canadians who love and contribute to our country.

Specialized English coaching: Our family members arrive with various levels of English proficiency - from knowing just a simple greeting to understanding language basics. Our in-house Doctor of Linguistics (we’re not kidding, she’s that good!) develops and conducts weekly lessons specific to the level, needs and profession of each family member. Lessons range from basic language skills, English for academic purposes (e.g. university studies), and specialist courses such as “English for Finance” or “English for Engineering”. We also offer infield guidance including university tours, interview assistance, and resume creation.

Family adoption: People who live and work with us become part of our family; we eat together, laugh with each other, celebrate one another’s joys and mourn each other’s losses. We stick together through thick and thin. If you join our team you may become a brother or sister to someone, grandparent or parent, auntie or uncle.

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