Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre Niagara

Physical abuse, sexual abuse, internet luring and the trauma of witnessing violence are tragic situations that bring children from across Niagara to our Centre, on average once per business day. The Kristen French CACN provides a home-like, child-friendly place where Niagara’s children and youth receive the support needed to disclose their abuse. In the seven years since our Centre opened, over 2200 children have found a safe place to help, heal and end child abuse.

As a registered charitable organization, we operate without
any core government funding and need your help!

We invite you to become a Kristen’s Helper by donating $100 or a gift amount of your choosing, to help us continue to provide this much needed service to child victims in our region. Your support will help a confused child heal from the impacts of abuse and provide much needed education and awareness to prevent other children from becoming victims of abuse.

Please give generously to Kristen’s Helpers 2015 Annual Campaign!
Thank you in advance for your consideration of support

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