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L'Arche Homefires

"Changing the world... one heart at a time" is what we do and we need your help.

We'll be running a social and peer to peer ask throughout the day and at 6:30 we'll be presenting to a local group and ask them to support our Artist in Residence program.

L'Arche Homefires is about providing a caring place to live and work, It's also about:
  • Giving people with disabilities a meaningful daily existence and the dignity and self-worth that comes with doing a good job
  • Taking care of people in their retirement, to develop a sense of respect and belonging
  • Supporting our aging members and enabling their gifts to continue to be shared with all
  • Providing meaningful work to new high school graduates and to those who, because of their disabilities, require extra support.
Visit our donate now button or contact us at or call 902 542-3520 to help us "Change the wolrd... one heart at a time"

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