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Lawyers without borders Canada

When you donate to LWBC, you...
- Contribute directly to helping victims of human rights violations obtain justice;
- Support human rights lawyers who risk their lives on a daily basis defending the voices of the most vulnerable in our societies;
- Help make sure that women victims of gender-based violence, child victims of exploitation, marginalized indigenous communities, discriminated sexual minority groups, and other victims of human rights violations receive support, counselling, legal aid and judicial assistance;
- Ensure concrete action to prevent mass human rights violations, war crimes and crimes against humanity from going unpunished, and bring the perpetrators to justice;
- Support the efforts of our local partners in upholding the rule of law and ensuring equality for all, without discrimination;
- Make peace a perceptible reality and allow victims of conflict to come to peace regarding their future; and
- Contribute to growing a new generation of human rights lawyers by strengthening their capacities with internship opportunities in local organizations, employment support, etc.
Lawyers Without Borders Canada (LWBC) is a non-governmental international cooperation organization whose mission is to support the realization of the human rights of individuals in vulnerable situations by strengthening their access to justice and providing them with legal representation.
This year, LWBC celebrates its 18th anniversary. Eighteen years of providing support to victims of the most serious human rights violations, eighteen years of spectacular achievements and tangible results to guarantee that these violations never happen again. Eighteen years spent lending a voice to those in the most need of justice, and striving for peace and reconciliation, fighting impunity, acting to secure change in favour of development and the rule of law.
LWBC started out with a group of lawyers from Québec who joined forces in 2002, driven by a mutual sense of urgency in the face of injustice and human suffering—a story of legal practitioners who decided to shift from being spectators to true protagonists of change.
Eighteen years down the line, this mindset is still the main driver behind LWBC’s activities. Bolstered by historic legal victories and over 500 international cooperation assignments in some twenty countries worldwide, LWBC stands as a powerful actor in:
- Increasing access to justice;
- Convicting dictators and other senior officials responsible for committing crimes against humanity, war crimes and other atrocities;
- Securing historic legal victories for victims;
- Obtaining the release of unjustly detained individuals;
- Training thousands of stakeholders in the justice sector; and
- Nurturing a new generation of human rights lawyers whom vulnerable groups and individuals can now safely rely on in several countries worldwide.
To celebrate 18 years of hard work, LWBC is taking part in the GivingTuesday campaign to raise funds in support of its projects in Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, and Mali.

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