Leighton Art Centre


At the Leighton Art Centre, we strongly believe that Art & Nature should be a part of everyone’s lives, no matter their social or economic position. We believe that the children who cannot afford our programs are the ones who benefit from them the most! Allowing children from all walks of life the opportunity to get out of the city and explore the countryside has great benefits on their lifelong learning and overall health. Allowing these same children the occasion to learn about their history through Canadian art is tremendously beneficial. We strive to make art accessible to everyone and create a safe, friendly and fun environment that makes art less scary and more interactive.

We need your help to allow more children the opportunity to attend our Art & Nature Programs. For example, your donation of $30 will send 2 students to one of our programs, while $100 can get 7 students here!

“Mother Nature is awesome!” Grade 2 student.

“Thank you for being so generous and teaching us about art. I hope one day I can also help kids” Grade 5 student – Glenbrook School

“I had a lot of fun learning about art! Thank you for your generous donation. When people help children it blows my mind!” Grade 4 student – Rosscarrock School

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