Look Good Feel Better


Perhaps one of the most challenging things about a cancer diagnosis is not the disease itself, but the loss of identity that comes with it.
The disease robs a woman of her sense of self. She's no longer the mother, sister, daughter or wife - she's "the cancer patient."
Look Good Feel Better offers a workshop that gives Canadian women the tools and techniques to feel beautiful and vital. In so doing, it helps restore this sense of self and renew a feeling of womanhood, however these women choose to define it.
Look Good Feel Better is Canada's only charity addressing the appearance-related effects of cancer and its treatment. At the heart of the Foundation is a two-hour workshop delivered by a team of beauty professionals who give tips and tutorials on how to manage the effects of treatment, from the loss of hair, eyebrows and lashes to dry skin.
While we receive generous donations of product from the beauty industry, we're still a charity in need of funding to keep our program running. There's a significant investment required to put a woman through a workshop (which is complimentary to them). It takes logistics, training, management, travel, locations, volunteers, etc.
With 103,200 women and teens expected to be diagnosed this year alone, our need for funding is skyrocketing.

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