Make Music Matter

Make Music Matter uses the creative process as a therapeutic tool to help empower marginalized individuals and communities.

Our innovative Healing in Harmony music therapy program is centered on the belief that music can be an integral part of a community-driven, holistic healing model. Participants include survivors of sexual violence, abandoned children, children of child-headed households, caregivers and other vulnerable populations.

The Healing in Harmony model:

1. Working in tandem with a trained psychologist and music producer, participants write, record, and professionally produce songs about their emotions and experiences.

2. The process has a profound effect on psychological healing and the restoration of a supportive, healing community.

3. The artists are advocates, publicly disseminating their music through local radio broadcasts, social media, community concerts, and CD distribution, reducing stigma about sexual violence and more. In early 2018, we announced a partnership with Warner Music Canada to distribute the recorded songs via international streaming platforms and digital storefronts.

Where do we work?

At Panzi Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo, our program has successfully integrated into the holistic treatment of survivors of sexual violence, with promising results in significantly reducing levels of anxiety and PTSD through its unique approach. The program, developed in close partnership with 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Denis Mukwege, has yielded groundbreaking results in the reduction of levels of anxiety, depression, and PTSD through its unique approach.

This Giving Tuesday we are raising funds to expand programming with partners in the DRC, Rwanda, Turkey, and Iraq. We are also exploring opportunities to work with Canada’s aboriginal communities.

Plus, we’ll be hosting a special event in Winnipeg:

‘Portraits of Healing in Harmony’
Tuesday, November 27, 6-9pm
Graffiti Gallery, 109 Higgins Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0B5

We'll share a multi-media presentation featuring our partners at Panzi Hospital in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (founded by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr. Denis Mukwege), and world-renowned photographer and videographer Platon among others.

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