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Mayne Island Conservancy Society

The group that launched the Mayne Island Conservancy Society was founded in 2003 with early efforts at scotch broom removal, native plant inventories, bird counts and beach surveys in several different areas of Mayne. Our costs were limited and funding came from the Local Trust Committee, a couple of small funders, and donations from our members.  A comprehensive plan for habitat restoration in the partially logged area of Henderson Hill (now Henderson Community Park!) led to a successful approach to both a major community funding agency and to government.
We have since been involved with education programs at Mayne School, mapped kelp and eelgrass in the island’s bays & coves, inventoried sand lance eggs on our beaches, become joint managers of the Active Pass Important Bird Area and published a multi-resource Shoreline Atlas. For more about the scope of our activities you can refer to the information and links at . We have recently added a successful native plant nursery and pilot projects in wetland restoration and herring spawn enhancement.

These considerable undertakings have been achieved with the help of a dedicated group of volunteers and a single paid employee, assisted by a two-thirds funded summer intern. Most major granting agencies are mainly interested in offering ‘start-up’ funding and the “Conservancy” has benefited from their interest. They anticipate, once a project has been kick-started and has proven its worth, private sources will be able to provide sustaining funds to execute continuing programs and projects. As a result we are appealing to our members, the Mayne Island community and to individuals and groups everywhere that have an interest in promoting and sustaining the valuable work that we do.

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