Nanaimo Foodshare

Starting in March of 2019, the Good Food Box program will no longer receive the funding it needs to carry on in our community. That’s more than 1,500 people: volunteers, seniors, families, and people with diverse abilities, who will no longer receive their box of fresh fruits and vegetables every month, a box that frequently contains $20 worth of produce for just $10.
For the first time in ten years, we’re looking to our community to sustain the program. We’ve received donations in the past from generous people like you, but most of the program is paid for with grants. That’s all changing, and you’re helping us change it.
We need to raise $20,000 by February 28th, 2019, or the program goes away.
This Giving Tuesday, we’re asking for support from the global community of carers and helpers to help us this one time, to make sure everyone in our community has enough healthy food to eat now, and into the future.
Here’s what your tax-deductible donation will provide:
-        $30 buys three months of Good Food Boxes for a family in our community
-        $120 buys one year’s worth of Good Food Boxes for a family in our community, and gets us more than %5 closer to our $20,000 goal!
-        $250 buys one year’s worth of boxes for two families in our community.
You make so many great things happen in your communities, thanks for taking the time to make great things happen in ours

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