New Leaf Foundation

New Leaf Foundation is an innovator in Canada supporting the mental, emotional and physical well-being of youth in marginalized communities. Our unique approach creates a web of support through long-term frontline programs in priority schools, alternative education initiatives, low-income communities and youth justice settings, as well as training opportunities for young leaders and youth caregivers.

We are dedicated to bringing mindfulness and yoga-based tools into spaces that are least-served and often most stigmatized, increasing access to positive resources for youth who face violence, neglect, poverty and marginalization, providing opportunity to build resilience, self-empowerment and leadership.

Our work is possible because of the generosity of people who do what they can with what they have. Our recent Social Return On Investment study found that for every dollar New Leaf Foundation spends, the impact we create is equivalent to close to five dollars. With your support, we can help to foster resilience and leadership with more youth.

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