Ontario Council for International Cooperation


Global problems like gender inequality and climate change affect people of all ages, everywhere. These complex problems require holistic multi-generational approaches, diverse mindsets, multi-disciplinary methods and multi-sectoral dialogue. Young people have been at the helm of environmental and social justice movements, advocating for those at risk of being left behind in our communities. OCIC recognizes the wealth of knowledge, experience and leadership that youth leaders bring to the international cooperation sector in Ontario, and beyond. 

OCIC reaches over 2 million Canadians per year. Over half of our audience are youth, aged 18 and 35. Over the past five years, our Global Changemaker Youth Ambassador Program recognized and supported over 50 youth leaders in Ontario. Since the start of 2020, we have been deepening our impact  with youth-led initiatives towards policy advocacy with our Youth Policy-Makers Hub. Through the Youth Policy-Makers Hub, Ontario youth with valuable lived experiences are given the opportunity to influence leaders to develop progressive policy that reflects those who it impacts and serves.

This Giving Tuesday, support participation of youth at local, national and international policy-making tables to inform the decisions that concern their lives, future and the planet. 
Help ensure sustainable change by supporting us in opening-up inclusive spaces for civic engagement and leadership for diverse youth to share their calls to action with communities across Ontario, Canada and beyond. 

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