What makes donating to PARC at this time of year so important is simple: food.

Food brings people together. Food brings people through our doors at 1499 Queen St. W. And food is the starting point for building an inclusive community that welcomes everyone right here in the heart of Parkdale.

Of the 15,000 adults living in South Parkdale one third are unemployed, on social assistance or low income; half are living in unaffordable housing; almost two thirds are living in single person households; many living in isolation are elderly and many live with mental health and drug use challenges. It is the PARC promise of a hot meal that first brings many people through PARC’s doors.

PARC meals stretch people's limited incomes; they provide an opportunity to socialize and make a friend and they are the catalyst for so many more positive changes in people's lives.

Faites un don