Participation House Foundation - London

On Giving Tuesday we are asking you to support people who have developmental disabilities and/or complex physical/medical needs in our community!

The people supported by Participation House Support Services have complex and varied needs, but they all share one desire: to live lives in their own homes as part of their families and the community. Participation House makes that possible for people including:

  • BRYAN, who has Cerebral Palsy and lived in institutions before moving into his own home with supports from Participation House. The best part, he says, is being able to make decisions for himself, whether it be doing volunteer work or going out to watch his favourite sports teams.

  • CHELSEY, who lived in Intensive Care at Parkwood Hospital for years as a young woman because she was ventilator dependent, and required 24/7 care. She now gets that care in a home supported by Participation House. Not only has her quality of life improved, but the cost for her care is a fraction of what it would be in a hospital.

  • GORD, who like three-quarters of the people we support, is non-verbal. In addition to residential support, Participation House provides communication devices such as picture boards and iPads with picture to speech apps which allow Gord to express himself.

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