Quest Theatre

Quest Theatre has the capability to expose young people all over Alberta to our whimsical and intelligent theatre adventures! We provide what is often the first and sometimes ONLY exposure many young people have to live performance. Delivering our programs from Grand Prairie to Medicine Hat, Cardston to Fort McMurray and everywhere between & beyond is our great pleasure, but we can’t deliver anything without reliable transportation. 

We are looking for 100 individuals to donate $100 dollars towards an essential item at Quest Theatre: 

A FOND FAREWELL: It is with mixed emotions that we bid farewell to our most well-used van. “The Green Van” as fondly remembered by most of our team members, wishes to retire and get a respite from the long prairie winters and hundreds of thousands of miles she has faithfully traveled. 

WANTED: We are looking for a young healthy, trustworthy vehicle (preferably idealistic enough to romanticize the adventure of school touring) to enthusiastically take on the challenge of hauling us around the province for the next 8 – 10 years in order to reach approximately 400,000 young people. Used vehicles need not apply.

Please consider giving generously to help us with our purchase of a safe, reliable vehicle so Quest Theatre can continue our exceptional access to young people across Alberta, and beyond! 

If you would like to donate any amount, please go to our website: or call us at 403-264-8575.

Join us in our quest to nurture young people through exceptional adventures in theatre!

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