Recovery Acres (Calgary) Society

This Giving Tuesday, Recovery Acres (Calgary) Society is raising funds to support men and women in treatment for addiction.

When a man or woman comes to Recovery Acres, they are at an important crossroads in life. They have decided to confront a disease that is causing devastation to their physical and mental health, to their families, and to their careers. Recovery Acres Society provides tools and treatment that help men and women learn to live without drugs or alcohol.

We help individuals with addictions, but we also help whole communities. The benefits of treating just one person ripples out to positively impact children and immediate family members, employers, and whole communities. In recovery, men and women return to being responsible fathers and mothers, husbands and wives. They become better employees and productive members of society. Treating addiction results in less strain on hospitals and healthcare providers, emergency services and the legal system. Our programs make a direct impact in the lives of approximately 465 people who suffer from addiction each year. The ripple effect of our treatment reaches the rest of Alberta.

1835 House for Men
1835 House provides Residential and Day Program treatment for men. Clients see a doctor, are provided with psychological testing/assessment, have access to additional psychological support through our Co-occurring Disorders program. Recovery counsellors are accessible to clients and Alumni 24 hrs/day. Transitional housing is also available for men who would benefit from continued support.

CARE for Women
CARE (Co-occurring Addiction Recovery Essentials) for Women is a clinical outpatient program that meets a significant service gap in Calgary. Women receive psychological testing/assessment, a detailed treatment plan, group therapy, comprehensive psycho-educational programming, and Relapse Prevention. CARE also provides a child-minding service to ensure that mothers can get the help they need.

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