Red Deer Symphony Orchestra Association

The RDSO's Annual Applause Campaign! Research has found that applause spreads linearly and is contagious. If one person begins clapping, new people begin clapping at a rate proportional to how many are already clapping. Named as such, we want Annual Applause Campaign to work the same way as a round of applause! We delivered exceptional music throughout 2014-15, reaching over 17,000 pairs of ears! We bring people together for shared experiences and music education, contributing to a vibrant, cultural and compassionate community. Help the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra play on by donating to and sharing the Annual Applause Campaign! There are some great rewards available, the most significant of which is the success of our 29th season. This is our second Annual Applause Campaign. Last year we raised $13,470! This year we think we can double that with YOUR help! Visit to get involved.