Servant Partners Canada

Servant Partners works alongside the urban poor to find Christian-based strategies to serve those in need. We partner with local leaders toward transformative change through our Nine Signs of Transformation.

We see ourselves as catalysts for change and emphasize relationships, flexibility, creativity, and risk-taking in ministry. Instead of creating a permanent Servant Partners presence, we disciple, train, and equip people to transform their own communities in ways that will continue long after we are gone.

In Vancouver, our Strathcona Artisan Market empowers local artisans to be self-sustaining entrepreneurs. Our many partnerships in the DTES allow many neighbours to find belonging, healing, encouragement and advocacy for the many issues they courageously face.

In Saskatoon, we are learning that many neighbors live in fear of violence, crime and gangs in the community. We are creating safe places of belonging for neighbors to meet one another to push back against fear and isolation. We are also participating in grassroots efforts for adequate, safe and secure housing in the community, acitvely longing for the day when this is a neighborhood that families are glad to live in!

Join us to break the cycle of urban poverty!

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