Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society

The Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society is dedicated to preserving and protecting the Sheringham Point Lighthouse and helping monitor local Orca populations. The Society’s mission is to is document and recognize the historic importance of the lighthouse and to ensure that the lighthouse and its historic route remain accessible and open to the public.

Support our 2017 Restoration Efforts!
In 2016 and thru 2017, our Society volunteers are working to complete over $150,000 of improvements to the lighthouse. Improvements include:

- Safety upgrades
- A new access trail through the site
- Re-painting and re-fabrication of the Lighthouse lantern room
- Concrete patching and re-panting of the tower (exterior and interior)
- Accommodations for people with limited mobility
- Replanting and site foliage restoration

For more details on the site restoration, please visit our website.

About the Lighthouse
Standing 20 metres high, above the rocky coastline of southwest Vancouver Island, the Sheringham Point Lighthouse has served as a beacon of hope and salvation for more than 100 years. Built in 1912, Sheringham Point Lighthouse, like so many other lighthouses around our coastal waters, has saved countless lives throughout its history.  

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