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Sinha Danse


Support creation in contemporary dance and artists of cultural diversity with 2M, our new covid-proof show!

For all donations made on December 1, World Day for Generosity, we give you:
* $ 10 and more: your name posted on our social media and thank you video
* $ 20 and more: your name + postcard autographed by the artists
* $ 50 and more: your name + autographed postcard + Sinha Danse cotton tote bag
Tax receipts will be issued for all donations over $ 25, received by December 31.

Your donations support Quebec choreographic creation and its artists: the dancers, choreographer and designers, whom we pursue even in times of pandemic. In the current context of the performing arts crisis where professions are radically transformed, we are fortunate to be able to continue creating in the studio. We keep our artists active, while respecting sanitary measures.

Our donation goals by December 31
-> 1 000 $ in donations
-> 20 reviews onGoogle andFacebook
-> 100 new followers per platform: Instagram, YouTube and Facebook

Why support Sinha Danse?
To support our mission and contribute to the success of the show currently in production 2M! You thus contribute to:
**ensure employment for dancers, artists and collaborators
**support artists of cultural diversity
**2M: a significant creation that bears witness to the human experience during the covid-19 pandemic
**increase the visibility of a contemporary dance company 

Sinha Danse is a Montreal dance company recognized by the community and applauded by audiences around the world for almost 30 years. It acts as a plural and unifying voice, anchored in cultural diversity and diversity of practices. Our mission is the creation and promotion of contemporary choreographic projects of a high technical and artistic level inspired by the Indian cultural heritage of its founder. 

To accomplish its mission while being daring, diverse and full of energy, Sinha Danse needs you! Thank you for your generosity!

About our current creation 2M
Four bodies and three instruments shed light on the intimate spaces of social distancing, beings removed by force of circumstances, who need proximity more than ever. 

Choreography | Roger Sinha
Composer | Tim Brady
Dancers | Citlali Germé-Trevino, Olivia Jaén Flores, Emmanuelle Martin, Amélia Lamanque
Dance coach  |  Marie-Ève Lafontaine
Musicians | Tim Brady, Shawn Mativetsky, Helmut Lipsky
Costumes | Emily Rose
Lighting design | Stéphane Ménigot
Technical Director | Jacques Pilon

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