Souls Harbour Rescue Mission

Double your impact.

Dollar for dollar, your donation to the Samaritan Project will be matched up to $14,000 thanks to the generosity of Sthamann Homes of Regina. The Samaritan Project building will replace our current Soup Kitchen and Men's Shelter and will feature:
- a new state of the art commercial kitchen
- 24 men's shelter beds (up from 12)
- 17 additional affordable suites
- a new daycare with 60 subsidized spaces which includes a secure outdoor play space
- a drive thru donation garage
- a free clothing store

We hope to see a 70% reduction in operating and maintenance costs from the Passive Build construction due to it being air tight, having double thick walls, R40 insulation in the walls and R70 insulation in the roof.

Construction began in September 2017 and the expected completion date is October 2018.

We hope you will help us reach our goal!

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