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Student Open Circles

“University is a great opportunity but without guidance it can be very overwhelming,” wrote one undergrad. Student Open Circles reaches out to students at McMaster University, and they in turn reach out to thousands of people at community organizations throughout Hamilton.

Student Open Circles creates a supportive community for students to reflect personally and spiritually. Students grow into compassionate leaders who care for others. Your support really matters: while facilitators Jeff and Marybeth are well-known on campus, their ecumenical chaplaincy work is not funded by the university.

Jeff and Marybeth meet with students one-on-one, in small groups and in workshops and retreats. With the help of a student intern, they take on the enormous task of organizing 300 students volunteering weekly at over 20 community organizations.

“I am so grateful to Student Open Circles for helping me develop into a leader,” writes another student. She is a gift to her generation and to her community. Please join our circle today!

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