Support Casa Guatemala Children

Support Casa Guatemala Children need your help this Giving Tuesday to raise funds for the Children of Casa Guatemala during the Season of Giving!
We are so incredibly grateful for all of the people who help Support Casa Guatemala Children and Casa Guatemala! Already we have raised over $50,000 towards our Fall Fundraising goal of $75,000! Now, we want to surpass this goal and thanks to some very generous donors it looks like we are going to do just that! We have been promised matching donations for up to $28,000! That means your donation will double its impact if you donate between now and Jan 5th 2017.
At Casa Guatemala, it has always been an enormous struggle to make ends meet and get by month by month. We have an important job to do but it isn't easy and we need a lot of help! It would be amazing if we could start off the new year, not only by managing to pay off the debts we owe, but to actually have money in the bank to start the year off on a great start! And what better way to ring in our 40th Anniversary!? That's right. We will be celebrating 40 years of service in 2017! We are so proud of all we have achieved in this time and of the thousands of children that we have helped. 
Thank you for being a part of our history and our future! Please be sure to donate on GivingTuesday or during our campaign!
With love from all of the children.

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