Teach For Canada


Join Teach For Canada in making First Nations education a priority on this Giving Tuesday!

Education in Canada is a success story. Study after study shows that our public schools are among the best in the world. But high overall quality masks deep inequality. On First Nations reserves, 3 in 5 students do not complete high school. In remote communities, teachers are tough to recruit and tougher to retain. Too often, teachers arrive in remote First Nations without the preparation and support they need to succeed—and stay—in the classroom. This, paired with an undersupply of local certified teachers, leaves students to bear the consequences of a revolving door of teachers. Over the years, statistics have begun to show the impact of targeted investments in First Nations education: Graduation rates are rising, more Indigenous doctors, teachers, and engineers are emerging. Increased support for students in remote First Nations can have a transformative impact.

Teach For Canada is making great progress. We work with remote First Nations to recruit committed teachers from across the country, give community-focused training, and provide wraparound support for 2+ years. And now, we have begun the important work of investing in local educators to grow the number of local certified teachers in remote schools. Together, we work to realize a future in which all students—no matter where they are from—are supported to reach their goals.

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