The Banff Centre

Culture, emotion, insight. Artists give us so much, yet receive so little money for it. They keep giving us their gifts, though, often out of passion for their practice and concern for people and their world. At The Banff Centre, a not-for-profit, world-renowned arts educational institution, we mentor emerging artists and even rejuvenate the careers of those in mid-career. This Giving Tuesday please give to our Artists’ Fund—because not all talent is created equally, and not all finances are distributed equally. Help The Banff Centre, located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, create scholarships for emerging artists, often from marginalized communities. Help launch the career of the next painter, opera singer, or classical musician. Every gift, no matter the size, matters to our artists. Help those with a gift for empathy—emerging dancers, choreographers, playwrights—receive the gift of knowledge and mentorship.

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