The Civic Theatre

Our friends and patrons know our story well: it is one of a community coming together to bring The Civic Theatre back to life. Now, our capital renovation is on the horizon.

In the meantime, we need your help.

Despite the fact that our team has become very good at estimating income, managing the budget, and choosing films for this community, with only one screen, our operations continue to be volatile. When one or two films don’t garner expected audiences we can expect losses. So, despite careful spending, for the last three years, we have run an operating deficit and we expect that reality to continue until we can add more spaces.
We are looking to our donors, members, and community supporters to help us bridge the gap between our current financial reality and our future 3-screen model.

Your support now is an investment in that future.

These are the ways that you can support our resilience, growth, and future as we embark on this exciting next step of our capital project development:

Come to movies at The Civic Theatre!  Bring your friends and family, buy popcorn, and enjoy the show. If all our members came to two movies a month, our financial gap would be closed.

Start or renew your membership. The size of our membership is key to helping us make our case to funding prospects. Plus, it gives you $2 off every ticket and rewards you with free films and concession items. Our membership in our first year was an astounding 2,500 people - if we could entice that number of members again, our operating gap would disappear.

Make a gift to Nelson Civic Theatre Society.  Your tax-deductible donation of any size will help us to bridge the next year.

Make a giving pledge for the next two years, securing our solvency until we complete our multi-venue upgrade. If everyone made a gift this year with a pledge for the coming two, it would eliminate our administrative cost of asking again next year and the year after that, and let us focus that time instead on raising capital funds. (Monthly giving pledges are available through Please contact us to arrange an annual pledge at

We hope you will join us to come together once again to sustain The Civic Theatre as we enter this next chapter in our development.

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