Giving Tuesday Waterloo Region


The Hummingbird Centre for Hope

Help us help our kids honor their widowed parents for Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

Take a moment and imagine being a solo widowed parent right now. You are solely responsible for your grieving children, your household, your future and your grief. All this combined with the world is struggling to manage and cope through the pandemic.

Each year at Hummingbird, we host an event where we recognize the challenges of celebrating both Mother’s Day & Father’s Day. Our goal is to bring parent and kids together in a safe environment so they can honor both their surviving parent with a gift and deceased parent through art.

For me, this event shows the power of community. To see the parents rally around each other to support, encourage and celebrate together is what Hummingbird is all about. But the other gift I see, is when the kids do the exact same. When they realize they are not alone and that every other child in the room is missing a parent, you can feel magic happen!

This year we are honoring our families differently and I am asking for your help to do this.

We want the kids to be able to have something to surprise and share with their parent. We have created a care package that includes a memorial activity, some self care items to pamper their parent, and a treat for the whole family, along with some other goodies. This package will be delivered to each family in time for Mother’s Day.

A $25 donation will ensure each child will have a care package to honor their parents.

Please help us help our kids?

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