The Learning Centre Literacy Association

"In today's society, if you can't read or write people look down on you and most likely won't
give you a shot at most things. They think you can't do it, which isn't always true. You can be
the smartest person with all the life skills, but not have the ability to read or write so you get
the the short end of the stick." adult literacy student quote

Statistics Canada confirms that “literacy skill level and household income are positively related.”
In an information-based economy, people who struggle with literacy have a hard time getting a job or making more than minimum wage. Likewise, higher literacy and numeracy skills are associated with greater employment levels and higher earnings.

In Canada, as many as 4.3 million people are living with poverty. Though evidence suggests that raising literacy rates is one of the best ways to change this, literacy often plays a limited role in coordinated strategies to alleviate poverty.
Some groups of Canadians are more likely to experience poverty and low literacy. These include recent immigrants, Indigenous people, women, people with disabilities, single parents, seniors, and people in prison.

There is strong evidence that investment in literacy can benefit the Canadian economy by: reducing costs in areas such as social assistance, healthcare, and justice; increasing productivity and earnings. The 2011 report From Poverty to Prosperity: Literacy’s Impact on Canada’s Economic Success placed the annual savings in social assistance alone of raising every Canadian adult to Level 3 literacy at $542M. The same report found research to suggest that an investment of $18B to eliminate occupational literacy shortages would generate an additional $100B in annual earnings.
Why not get involved and help us to continue to offer free, high quality reading, writing, numeracy, math and other literacy skills programs for adults in Edmonton!

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