The Ontario Historical Society

The Ontario Historical Society (OHS) is committed to the protection of our provincial heritage. Through the preservation of cemeteries, historic sites, natural landscapes, and genealogical resources, we strive to help not-for-profit groups across the province in their efforts to tell our stories and protect our history. By donating to the Ontario Historical Society you're supporting:

-OHS Cemetery Defence Program - These funds help the Society to pursue provincial designation for threatened cemeteries; often endangered by development aspirations and neglected by municipal governments. By helping to save these cemeteries, you are helping to legitimize the cultural history that they represent; many of them are unacknowledged, neglected Black and First Nations cemeteries.

-Built Heritage Management- The OHS is currently working to restore the roof of a historic house in Willowdale, Ontario. The original roof was made of slate, and in order to restore this beautiful structure to its original condition, the Society needs financial support from the community.

-Incorporation- The OHS is unique in its ability to incorporate not-for-profit organizations in their own right. Since 1899, over 350 Ontario heritage organizations have incorporated through affiliation with the OHS. Since 2009, the Society has incorporated an unprecedented 75 not-for-profit historical organizations. Incorporating under our constitution helps not-for-profit, volunteer-run organizations to save money, protect their boards of directors from liability, and benefit from our guidance in setting up their own by-laws and constitutions.

-Webinars- The OHS has hosted a series of webinars designed to help our membership share ideas and learn about the newest trends in the heritage sector. Last month, we hosted a webinar on the preservation of heritage trees and natural landscapes in Ontario, with Edith George. As our affiliate groups strive to preserve their own local history across the province, facilitating access to ideas and information has become an important mission for the OHS.

-Student Publishing Program- The OHS is committed to getting youth involved in their local communities. This program encourages secondary school teachers and students to incorporate local history projects into their classrooms. The OHS will help the students by publishing a collection of their articles on our website. Help us engage the heritage professionals of tomorrow!

-Honours and Awards Program- Help the OHS continue to recognize hard-working and dedicated individuals, institutions, organizations, and businesses in the Ontario heritage sector. We have administered this awards program since 1967.

The OHS would like to establish new programs to help better connect not-for-profit historical organizations and institutions across the province. By donating to the OHS, you are helping the volunteer-run groups in your local heritage community to preserve the history in your area. All donations to the OHS over $10 will receive charitable tax receipts.

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