The Unlocking Potential Foundation of Calgary

The UP Foundation is proud to partner with Giving Tuesday Canada. Please scroll down to find the "Donate now" button below!

This year, we are raising funds for adult students in Catholic Family Service's Never Too Late Program. These students are working hard to complete their GED (General Education Development) exam. Your donation will ensure that they have a hot cup of coffee waiting for them when they get to class.

Never Too Late students often work full-time and many are parents. The program provides a range of supports so they can prepare for and successfully pass their GED exam.

With their high school equivalency, Never Too Late graduates are able to:
·secure meaningful, better-paid employment,
·participate more in their community,
·model the importance of education for their children.

A cup of coffee is the “perk” they need to re-focus on their education and make positive changes in their lives.

If you would like to learn more about the Never Too Late Program, visit our website.

The Unlocking Potential (UP) Foundation is the fundraising arm of Catholic Family Service of Calgary. UP connects the giving hearts in our community with high-impact programs that are building strong families.

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