GivingTuesday Victoria

Vancoouver Island University

Highlighted areas of this year's campaign:

1. VIU Inspiration Fund – Gifts to the VIU Inspiration Fund support the university's greatest need or priority.
2. Milner Gardens - Your support will ensure the preservation and enhancement of Milner Gardens & Woodland including the Shoots with Roots educational program.
3. Cowichan Campus Entrance Awards - Entrance awards will be given to former ABE students entering credential programs at the Cowichan Campus.
4. VIU International Refugee Newcomer Awards – These awards support newcomers to the mid-Vancouver Island region who have arrived as refugees and are seeking post-secondary education to train or retrain for a career in Canada.
5. Program/Area of your choice – Follow your personal interests and passions and support the area that speaks most to you.

Faites un don