Village International Sudbury

As a non-profit organization who has been around for twenty years dealing only with fair trade, I would like to participate. We give to our community everyday by helping our developing countries by having a store that is 100% fair trade, also helping locally. We supply baking, clothing to people in need in Sudbury one being the Outreach program (Red Coats Society) whom I do baking for. We also do hampers at Christmas (is a must but also needed year round) which Village International with a zero budget and only with the help of our caring customers, friends, FAMILY (like my daughter) who pays for all of my baking needs for all of the families we adopt at Christmas so they can have some home baked goods with their ham, turkey, homemade meat pie and groceries to their need that they shop for themselves (free of charge of course) at Village. One of the families we have adopted (that we commit for as long as they need our help) is a young woman who has been diagnosed with cancer. She was told she had six months to live. She has four children, her youngest is five months old, her second 2 years old, and her third 5 years old and has a son in his teens. Of course we are working with her to make this Christmas the best Christmas ever for her children. There are numerous other families that we are helping this year and some that we have helped for years. If it wasn't for Dr. Brunet, family, friends, our faithful customers, also the help of All About Massage, Bertolos, Bulk Barn`s manager and Canadian Tire (four corners Sudbury) who lets us purchase the toys for half price for our Christmas hampers. Hence why we need Canadian Tire money to help reduce the cost even further. On Tuesday, Pauline Loyer (manager of 18 years) wants to celebrate Giving Tuesday by giving her whole effort. You will find Pauline on Durham street starting at 9 am starting at the Royal Bank handing out fresh baked cookies to anyone she meets. But anyone who comes to Village that day (who brings a bag o