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Physical distancing is hard and for those who are working to recover from exploitation and abuse, it can be catastrophic. Isolation can trigger anxiety, increase depression and fuel suicidal ideation.

Your donation will help us to build capacity so we can continue to provide support and services for our clients.

Voice Found
Child sex abuse and sex trafficking are devastating to experience, painful to recall, and hard for anyone to think about. But we need to go beyond thinking about it. We need to talk about it, face it, stop it, and help every survivor live the best possible life.

Voice Found works to create safe communities that recognize and stop abuse. We support survivors in their journey to overcome what has been done to them without their consent, and to move on to healthy lives.

Hope is a powerful force. Hope for futures where children and youth grow into healthy adults. Hope for survivors to become leaders. Hope for communities to learn how to DO rather than wish these things didn't happen.

Donations help us with the following programs:

Strength Found: A program for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse serving all gender identities.

The Hope Found Project: Services and support for persons in Eastern Ontario and the National Capitol region who have been trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation or wish to exit the sex trade.

Path Found: A survivor-led program that provides survivors of human trafficking with skills, knowledge and confidence to become meaningfully engaged in their communities.

The Clinic: Primary and preventative health care for persons at risk of, being or who have been trafficked. Everyone (13 years and older) is welcome, regardless of gender, insurance or documentation.

Education: We deliver education that helps individuals and communities to identify, respond, react and ultimately prevent child sex abuse, commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

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