Watershed Watch Salmon Society


What We Do

Watershed Watch Salmon Society advocates for B.C.’s wild salmon and the waters they swim in. We provide science-based evidence of threats to salmon and their habitats, and call for government action to defend and restore our wild salmon.

How We Do It

  • Scientific expertise – working with scientists from universities, other non-profits, governments, First Nations, and the private sector.
  • Strategic alliances – partnering with like-minded groups to amplify our power.
  • Bearing witness – with boots on the ground, eyes on the water, and a seat at the tables that influence wild salmon management.
  • Public engagement – informing citizens, engaging with them, and providing tools for effective advocacy.
  • Balance – taking a reasonable, solutions-based approach to difficult issues, and putting improvement before ideals.
  • Courage – not shying away from holding government, industry, and others to account.

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