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Do you believe that every person should have access to the Bible in their own language, as you do? Can you imagine never having the opportunity to read or write in your language?

Join Wycliffe this Giving Tuesday to bring the Word of God to people in their language and help end illiteracy.

Beginning this Giving Tuesday, we are focusing on our Priority Projects. When you give to our Priority Projects, you are transforming lives.

Your financial gift to Priority Projects will be directed where it’s most needed,This will allow Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada to respond quickly to meet urgent needs, move on unexpected opportunities, guarantee the completion of a language project, launch a strategic project or cover a funding need.

Join the movement. Help us raise $40,000 towards Priority Projects starting this Giving Tuesday.

Invest in people like Julia, one of the thousands of people whose life is forever changed because of the generosity of people like you.

“When I was a child,” says Julia, “my parents said girls who went to school were those who had nothing to do at home. I resigned myself to care for the animals and when I grew up, to get married and have children. I truly believed that this was a woman’s role. One day I heard the gospel of our Lord . I saw that other people my age were singing from the hymn books. When I continued going to the church and learning to read, I understood that God loved me and that my life had value.”

When you pray or give to Wycliffe’s  Priority Projects, you are part of transformative stories like Julia’s. You are part of an incredible ministry with immeasurable ripple effects.

Pray, share or give today.

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