YESS | Youth Empowerment & Support Services

YESS is relentlessly dedicated to empowering youth from difficult realities. Every day we change the lives of youth who are in crisis and experiencing homelessness — and we have for 35 years. An Edmonton-based non-profit agency, we were founded to fill the gap in social services for youth. The youth who bravely show up at our doors come from all cultures, economic backgrounds, races, religions, communities, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

Each youth has a different story. Some have been neglected, some kicked out of their homes, some ran away to escape abuse. Regardless of their circumstances, they are welcomed at YESS, where a dedicated and diverse team of people is whole-heartedly committed providing them with the resources, guidance, love, and support they need.

In 2015, 647 individual youth access YESS programs across emergency shelter, long-term residence, and daytime resources. Our kitchens served 60,000 meals. The  overnight shelter operated at 91% capacity throughout the year. Thirty-seven youth found long-term residence where the stability helped them work on their life goals and feel like part of a family. Nearly 600 youth accessed daytime resources to keep them off the streets and discover new opportunities.

How does YESS give youth hope, love, safety, security, and a place and people to turn to when times are rough? The simple answer is: with your help. It takes a village to help a child. 

We will be kicking off Champions Day with our "Say What?!" breakfast and improv show on December 6, 2016, at the Chateau Lacombe in downtown Edmonton. For more information visit

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