Youth Without Shelter

Snowflakes are one of the many wonders of our world; they are a miracle of nature – no two are the same. The diversity of snowflakes stems from the unique path each takes to reach the ground. Similar to the youth we serve here at YWS, each snowflake is formed according to their unique path taken, the elements that they encounter, and their resiliency.

Each night in Toronto up to 2,000 youth struggle to find a safe place to call home, a situation which has worsened throughout the pandemic. During this time YWS has continued to support youth in our community by providing shelter, healthy food, and support programs.

As we move into the holiday season – a time of year that often brings the harsh reality of homelessness to light for these unique individuals – we will make sure that a welcoming, warm, and safe home is given to youth who don’t have a place to call their own. By supporting us via the “Home for the Holidays” fund, you will be playing a key role in helping us achieve this goal.

Join our fight to end youth homelessness by donating to our “Home for the Holidays” fund that will help our youth discover their individual potential on their path out of homelessness. Our Fundraising goal for our 2020 Home for the Holidays campaign will be to raise $40,000- the equivalent to the basic costs needed to house our residents for an entire month.

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