youturn - Youth Support Services / Services d'appui à la jeunesse

Student Profile: The students that attend the St. John Bosco Achievement center are not your “typical high school student”. Most of our students have or are dealing with homelessness, poverty, mental health diagnosis, addiction issues or anxiety. Many students feel uneasy when returning to school but due to the small class sizes and a welcoming environment the students slowly begin to build back their confidence in life and in academic achievement. The students begin seeing the value a safe environment free of judgement where they can obtain the help they need to assist them in going on to Adult High School or out into the working world. Support for Post-Secondary Education: While not every youth that attends JBAC will complete High School and go on to attend Post-Secondary Education, a number do and for many of them continued attendance is not affordable. Youturn would like to establish a Bursary Scholarship Fund that would assist those youth who can move forward. Whether it be the purchase of a computer, the necessary tools to attend an Apprenticeship Program or providing the funds to cover tuition, youturn would like to continue to provide support.