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Volunteer or make a donation to your favourite charities on GivingTuesday and continue to Feel Great Giving throughout December. Follow us on social media and promote and share on Facebook, Twitter, using #GivingTuesdayCa.

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Visit our resources section for more ideas for individuals to get involved. Or learn how you can become a Social Media Ambassador.

CanadaHelps has created GivingTuesday Charity Gift Cards

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You can even send them by email!

Here are some ways you can Get Involved:

Spread the word
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Ideas for individuals
Ideas for families
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Spread the word

You can help GivingTuesday just by letting others know about it:

Who is involved?

Click here to see all the GivingTuesday partners.

Ideas for Individuals and Families

Want to learn what you can do for and on GivingTuesday? Start planning now and check out our tips below:

Ideas for Individuals

  • Find a cause that matters to you!
  • Give a charity gift card
  • Make care packages for a local shelter
  • Visit to find local volunteering opportunities
  • Organize a volunteer day with friends or at work
  • Hold a garage sale and donate the proceeds or donate your items to a shelter.
  • Donate blood!
  • Create your own crowdfunding campaign using a platform like Canada Helps giving pages or
  • Share the givingTuesday video on your Facebook or Twitter
  • Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter

 Ideas for Families

  • Talk as a family about causes that are important to you, perhaps one that has had an impact on your family. Research to find a walk, bike ride, or run supporting that cause and join in as a team. Get your family, friends, and neighbours to support you.
  • As a family, empty your pockets and your piggy banks once every month! Dedicate some part of the money for a donation, and decide together where you want that money to go in your community.
  • Go together to volunteer at a local soup kitchen serving meals.
  • Have a family conversation about your favorite foods and the healthy foods you having been trying to eat.  Take some of those foods from your cabinets (non perishable) and bring them to your local food bank.
  • Clean out your closets at home …kitchen tools, dishes, towels and sheets, toys, books, school supplies. Collect what is not being used and donate to a program that sets up families in new homes.
  • Keep your family’s commitment to giving alive throughout the year!
  • Organize a neighbourhood garage sale or bake sale and donate proceeds to an organization in need.

Find a charity

You can donate to any of thousands of Canadian charities through

Are you a first time donor – here’s a way to quadruple your charitable giving!

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