PayPal 1% Donation Match
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Partnering to increase our impact!

This December, PayPal will match 1% of donations made to any registered charity through CanadaHelps when using a PayPal account.

All donations between December 2nd, 2014 and December 31st, 2014 made through CanadaHelps using a PayPal account are eligible for a PayPal 1% match. This includes donations made using one of your CanadaHelps Custom Donate Now pages and donations made directly on the CanadaHelps website. Eligible charities will receive their PayPal matching gift, totalling 1% of all eligible donations, in the New Year using our standard CanadaHelps disbursement process.

Donors are more motivated to give when their donations are going further. Let your donors know about the 1% PayPal match this December!

Donations made on the website are powered by CanadaHelps and are therefore also eligible for the 1% PayPal match.


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Donate to any charity



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