Over 6 million Canadians DO GOOD STUFF for GivingTuesday

An estimated 6.2 million people in Canada did something to support their favourite cause for GivingTuesday in 2016. Whether donating money or volunteering valuable time and talent, participation continues to gain momentum.

According to a survey carried out in December 2016 for GIV3, 22% of adults in Canada took part in GivingTuesday activities. Most participants made financial donations (about 3.5 million people), and many millions more volunteered for non-profits in creative and inspiring ways including food, clothing, shoe and toy drives, committing to blood or organ donations and taking action on social media.

The research also showed that, among those aware of GivingTuesday, the majority (68%) agreed the movement inspired them to be more giving. This suggests charities and non-profits are well positioned to reap longer-term benefits from GivingTuesday, which is led in Canada by the GIV3 Foundation and CanadaHelps.org.

While GivingTuesday is not uniquely about donations, results from online fundraising platforms show a signification spike in donations on the day. CanadaHelps reported a four-year increase in donations of 353% on GivingTuesday compared to the equivalent day before GivingTuesday was started. Similarly, Blackbaud reported a jump of 101% in 2016 vs. the year before. Recent analysis by a team of data scientists of data from dozens of donation platforms, validated that GivingTuesday generates a net lift on giving without cannibalizing the rest of the year.

In 2016 GivingTuesday in Canada had a record 5,700 charities and businesses as registered partners, engaging millions of people across the country in an opportunity to DO GOOD STUFF for causes they care about. While GivingTuesday may only be one day, the huge response it helps to generate will have a lasting impact in improving lives.

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