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"DiscoverY" is our vision for a new mental health and wellness program for youth in our community. Give a young person hope, encouragement and professional support by sponsoring their counselling sessions today.

Your gift will help young people in our community to access free, no-barrier counselling that is designed to promote mental wellness and prevent overdoses and suicide. Tragically, these "deaths of despair" occur disproportionately among young adults, and likewise, the rate of individuals being diagnosed with depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress has been increasing generally beginning at this time of life. Young adulthood represents a tremendous opportunity for positive guidance and intervention.

"Supporting young women and men to find their voices and their visions is the intention of DiscoverY." – David Young, CEO of SOURCES

This service is available to individuals as young as 12 years old up to 25 years old. Counselling is delivered in South Surrey/White Rock, and through outreach services to Newton and Cloverdale.

$100 provides 1 young person with 1 counselling session. A client usually accesses 6 to 8 sessions. No matter what amount you give, you will be helping a young person find hope for the future.

Together, let's help our youth and young adults discover their future and realize their potential. Thank you for your generous gift.

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