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Resolve Counselling Services Canada is facing an urgent need in Kingston and Area. More than 400 women per year take the first step to reach out to us for help coping with the effects of an abusive relationship. But our waitlists continue to grow and grow—sadly, with many women waiting up to a year to see a counsellor.

We need your gift today to help respond to every woman’s call for help. Your gift will help enable us to reach our goal of providing counselling to each and every woman who picks up the phone and says "Please, I Need Help…

"What does a woman’s call for help sound like?

"I think I need to leave but he says he will take my kids…how do I leave?"
"I don’t know how to cope any longer with the flashbacks and nightmares about past abuse."
"My relationship with my partner seems troubled and a friend suggested I call."
"Please, I need help…"

These are just a few of the many calls we receive at Resolve Counselling Services Canada each and every day. If you are like us, when you hear someone desperately asking for help, you want to be able to support them. You want to be able to ease their pain and to offer them help and hope. Today, you can help women in our community who reach out to Resolve Counselling Services Canada to say, "Please, I need help…"

Your gift today will help provide a woman in our community with the opportunity to work with a skilled counsellor to address her most urgent needs. The cost of enabling one woman to participate in a full eight-week counselling program is $800. We need your support to help ensure that we can continue to provide women in our community the ability to cope and gain the strength they need to care for themselves and their children.

Thank you for helping to support women in our community. Please give your tax-deductible gift today in support of the Women’s Program at Resolve Counselling Services Canada.

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