Windsor Residence for Young Men - Serving Windsor and Essex County, Ontario, Canada, The Windsor Residence for Young Men is asking people of goodwill for their generosity in helping to end homelessness for young men aged 16-24 years.  WRYM provides a supportive functional family, often the only family “our guys” have ever known — with a staff of women and men in the roles of aunts, uncles or older siblings who deliver individual counselling and teach basic life skills. WRYM helps 50 young residents per year to leave homelessness behind and build new lives. Our statistics show a 95% success rate with residents returning to extended family, or established in independent living appropriate to their needs, and staying in or returning to school, or finding employment while with us.

Vulnerable populations greatly struggle with independently navigating all of the hardships caused by COVID 19 (e.g. - physical health concerns / fear, changes to the education system, closures of in person support services, isolation due to social restrictions, employment loss, etc.). Youth, who possess multiple risk factors are some of the most vulnerable individuals, as they do not possess the life experience required to manage the systemic changes caused by COVID 19. Homeless youth are therefore acutely vulnerable during the pandemic, as they not only have increased risk of COVID exposure, but they are facing a decrease in the amount of in person support services available to mitigate their issues.  

Windsor Residence for Young Men depends on community generosity to achieve these results. Our program is efficient and effective. We do not duplicate the work of other agencies. Instead, we integrate our guys into the community and its resources to help them become active citizens. Our annual program budget is $400,000 (Canadian). Divided by an average of 50 residents assisted each year, the yearly cost per resident is $8,000.

- $5.00 provides a homeless youth with fresh food for the day
- $20.00 provides a 2-hour life-skill counselling and training session for an at-risk youth 
- $100.00 provides a homeless youth one day of shelter, counselling, food, hygiene products, and basic needs

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