A Gift of Art


On Giving Tuesday we will try to let our supporters know that we have now succeeded with three on line classes. The first was ASL American Sign Language as we feel it is an invaluable help in business. Then we managed watercolour and thirdly pen and ink. We need better equipment to continue to expand these classes and fulfill our mission of promoting and supporting our local artist We need funding for this
BUT meantime if you are passing by we have a large tub to collect non-perishable food for the local food bank. With the food we will include Christmas Cards that the recipients can use. It has been a tough year with COVID 19 and the Clarington Food Bank clients are among the hardest hit. They need hope - as well as food.
There will be a large tub outside the front door during the day (removed at night in the vestibule during bad weather).
We will also be delivering books to the local seniors home for their use as well as a card for each resident.

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